4 Points To Look For While Choosing The Right Tyre

There are various factors that one needs to be careful about, while choosing tyres for a vehicle’s tyre replacement. They are helpful in keeping the car safely on-road and ensuring a high-performance ride at all time. One needs to be very careful of the various factors while choosing the right tyre for their vehicle. These factors are:

  • Tyre Size: The size of the tyre can be found on the sidewalls of the tyre. Replacement of tyres should always match what’s noted in the car’s manual or car door jamb. 
  • Age Of The Tyres Matters: Even with the new tyres, age matters. Tyres are made of rubber, and that tends to deplete over time, even faster in hot climate. So, while shopping for the radials, it is highly important to check their manufacturing date and following a letter sequence beginning with DOT, indicating the week and year it was manufactured.
  • Check The Warranty: Every manufacture guarantees a warranty. One should be aware of the warranty details and avail them whenever needed. 
  • Know The Right Time For Replacements: One doesn’t need to be an expert to know the condition of their vehicle’s tyres. The look of all five tyres can reciprocate the need to be replaced or not. Do they look worn out or damaged? Do they pass the coin test? Insert a coin into the tyre tread, advised putting towards the centre of the tyre. If its head isn’t partially hidden by the tyre, the tyre needs to be replaced right now.  

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