5 Benefits Of Having Virtual Meetings

Since the pandemic outbreak and lockdown last year, online or virtual meeting have become a thing. They started off with mere necessity but has become as the raging trends these days. More and more offices are supporting and initiating virtual meetings that the face-to-face ones. They have become a norm for employees and companies all-around the world. Zoom is an ideal example of this change. We can see that 200 million people were using the app every day in the mid of 2020, compared to just 10 million in 2019. 

Though they are more comfortable and used way of communication, they are still seen as something that is temporary solution or a fix to a problem. While they might not materially solve the productive problems of the physical meeting, they hold several advantages over their in-office counterparts.

Let’s see at some of the benefits of virtual meetings over physical ones

  • Resourceful & Time Saving: The amount of scheduling and logistics preparations have reduced to a great extent. One need not worry about booking a room, turning up of invitees, stationary, snacks etc. One is also not worried of the availability of the employees on that day. Virtual meetings are more impactful in terms of turnout and productivity and involves least hassle to organize. 
  • Cost-Effective: When all meetings are digital, it becomes infinitely easier to quantify all the time a company spends on different catch-ups and meetings – whether for internal efficiency purposes or for billing clients accurately. With a systematic representational and documentation of digital meeting time, one can instantly see the cost distribution within and outside the company. 
  • Tighter Agenda: As compared to the physical meetings, which can be lengthy and stretchy at times, virtual meetings are tighter and more time-effective. More efficient, meetings with fewer meanders that cut to the point and get the job done faster is clearly good news. It frees up more space for everyone to get on with the important tasks that matter.
  • Direct Communication: Virtual meetings encourage people to become more explicit in the way they communicate. This provides the opportunity for more democratic participation and ensures that everyone has the space to talk. Ensuring everyone feels heard is crucial for creating a healthy company culture, whether you are working remotely or not.
  • Humanizing: Virtual meetings are also good levellers, helping employees connect with relatively less effort. It gives the flexibility to employees to join from anywhere. It also helps in building empathy amongst the employees and become more relatable. Joining video meetings in spaces make people feel comfortable, at ease and confident. 

Though, these meetings also need professional moderators for managing them well and in a timely manner. Regardless of the platform, a moderator is a significant player in high stake virtual sessions. Talking about Scott Bloom, he is considered to be amongst the best corporate event emcees and moderator. He promises an energizing and interactive event by equipping the audiences with the most powerful experience with his words. Visit the website for more information.

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