5 Effective Steps For Sustainable Apparel

Sustainability is a constant aspect that is driving industries and sectors to thrive for better results and outcomes in various capacities. Fashion industry is known to be one of the most pathbreaking industry in various countries, which influences the trends and choices of a large section of society. With many brands shifting their interests and production towards slow fashion and sustainable clothing line-up, there is still a huge chunk of names that are still thinking of converting to sustainable apparel production. 

For all those who are looking for ways to shift their choices and outputs towards sustainable apparel, needs to look over factors stated below. 

  • Mindset: To start or convert to a sustainable clothing brand, one needs to have the right mindset. To implement sustainability in a brand means serious commitment and change of rules. The conscious decision of staying eco-friendly will involve slow and ethical fashion decisions and will involve customers with a different mindset.
  • Idea & Customer Need: Fashion industry is a crowded place, and one needs to be really different and unique with their products to fare a name for themselves. One should be very clear with the idea why customers should ditch other brands and go for your products. You need to propagate and show your customers that you care about this earth, and they can make a small difference too, by buying your products.
  • Design & Collection: Sustainability starts with design. One needs to produce and procure timeless creations and designs and various design techniques to reduce waste. One should also promote ways to make clothes versatile and prolong the product’s longevity through designs. 
  • Sustainable Materials: One big part of the apparel brand and the collection will be the materials in each product. Brands should choose eco-friendly suppliers and materials over suppliers that don’t have sustainability as a priority. One needs to work with certified suppliers that have a goal to reduce the carbon footprint.  Know what the different types of materials do, and their environmental impact and have knowledge about your various sources. Work with trusted, transparent, certified suppliers that push sustainability and work towards aggressive goals.  
  • Ethical Manufacturing: Manufacturing the products ethically should be a priority for brands who are in lookout for slow fashion and long-lasting products. One should incorporate practices that use less water, chemicals and reduces the overall wastage. A sustainable brand provides good working conditions, fair wages and good labour laws. 

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