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5 Reasons to Choose Electric Fireplaces Over Gas Fireplaces

Five Reasons Why an Electric Fireplace is Best for Your Home

Did you know that fireplaces are now a necessity in every household, especially if the surrounding temperature gets way colder than what your body can handle? A properly functional fireplace is what modern places need in order to keep the interior warm and cozy. If you think about it, there you have a gas fireplace available and it is pretty common among the masses.

However, right now, electrical ones are gaining more popularity when compared to gas fireplaces, and for some good reasons as well. So, to be on the safer side, it is important that you learn more about the fireplaces before you can jump straight into making a decision.

Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you need to choose electrical fireplaces over gas ones. So, let’s start with the options.

1. Always economical in value

Electric fireplaces are considered to be highly economical when compared to the gas alternative. The electrical ones are cheaper to operate and it will cost you an average of $10 per month, maximum. On the other hand, the gas fireplace will let you invest around $30 per month! Now, that’s a huge difference. 

The market currently houses freestanding electric fireplaces, which will be amazing for your rental condo or apartment. You don’t have to get them installed like the gas ones and there is no need for ventilation as well!

2. The contemporary style you want

If you own a contemporary household and need a matching fireplace, then electrical ones are always the best and preferred choice rather than going on with the gas substitute. The wall-mounted fireplaces are booming in business only because they add an extra flair to the look. 

Electric fireplaces are known to have a modern aesthetic to them with some additional enhancements like fire glass. So, no matter what the design of your living room is, there is always an electric fireplace to match the look of the space.

3. Customized designs are there for you

Another interesting point added to the built-in electric fireplaces is the level of customization you can get from these items. Whether you are out for a traditional look or a contemporary one, there are so many designs available for the electric version.

The customizability of the fireplace will be more than just a traditional or contemporary look. Right from the customized fireboxes to multiple color options and even some surrounding finishes, electric fireplaces have it all, but you can’t expect the same with the gas version. 

4. Easier for you to install

When it comes to installation, electric fireplaces are easier to install than gas ones. It is more like hanging a TV on the wall. Just hang the electric fireplace within the given space and plug in the cable and you are good to go! You don’t have to move in with extreme installation steps for the electric ones.

In case you are living in a rental apartment and still need a fireplace to keep you warm and content, then the freestanding electric fireplaces are your choices to work with. In rental apartments, you are not allowed to build a fireplace on your own. So, there is no scope for you to address the gas fireplace option.

5. The energy-efficient design all the way through

Most of the electrical fireplaces will have a heater, build inside the unit directly. It will help in transforming a chilly room into a cozy delight within a few minutes. But, apart from that, these units are perfect for saving your money on electric bills per month! It is due to the process called zone heating.

Electrical ones are installed in areas where you spend most of your time. That provides the owners with the chance to use a fireplace heater to heat small spaces to a comfortable temperature and leave the rest of the house out of it. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on the monthly electricity bill any longer.

Make your choice!

Running through these 5 points clearly makes you realize the importance that electric fireplaces hold over gas ones. Just make sure to check out the latest brands and their models before investing money in the next big fireplace purchase!

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