5 Tips To Extend The Battery Life of Vape Pen

Vape Pen Battery

All varieties of vaping device batteries like Calypso disposable vape pen are designed to be recharged and used again to offer convenience to vapers worldwide. Even with frequent usage, proper maintenance prolongs their life. There are several things you can try to increase the lifespan of your vape battery and lower the expense of replacing it.

Tips Can Extend The Battery Life Of Vape Pen:

Following are a few tips which can extend the battery life of a vape pen:

1) After Charging Your E-cigarette Battery, Unplug It:

Damage from overcharging can affect both the charger and the battery. And it can increase the risk of a short circuit in your e-cigarette battery. Simply remembering that you plugged your battery in before leaving it plugged in for the night will dramatically increase its lifespan. There are intelligent chargers available that will reduce energy consumption while on full, but it is always a great idea to double-check.

2) Regularly Utilize Your Vape Batteries:

Batteries are intend for use. When you eventually utilize them, their effectiveness will be diminish if you keep them in a box or on a rack collecting dust. This is because many of the components used in your vape battery’s internal cells are deteriorating even when they are not in use. Contrary to popular belief, your battery deteriorates more quickly when not in use than when it is. Modern technology batteries, such as those in phones, are thought of as “intelligent” batteries; as a result, they operate exceptionally well when utilized properly and fulfilling their intended purpose. Use your battery in your vaping kit, even for a brief while, to prevent it from losing power.

3) When the Battery Needs to Be Charged Then Charge It:

The best time to charge your battery is frequently given conflicting information. While some counsel advocates letting your battery discharge, others recommend quick charging times. Who’s correct? Different battery types prefer different charging methods, so while some require a full discharge, for instance, others don’t. For instance, earlier batteries used a chemical process to release their energy. There was advice that claimed to let a full charge of the batteries now and then assist to prolong their life because the chemical process in the batteries could occasionally cause a create in the battery itself.

It was able to reset as a result of this. Modern batteries, typically sodium ones, are smart batteries, and because there isn’t as much of a “busy” chemical reaction going on inside, they don’t need to be completely depleted to continue performing well. Therefore, only charge your vaping batteries when they need them. Charge it if it’s halfway full. It’s almost dead; charge it. This reaction was reverse by charging, and when the device was unplug, it switched back to the discharging cycle once more.

4) Safely Store Your Vaporizer:

Batteries are not fussy, you see. They do, however, like rational environments. This entails no extremely hot temperatures, below-freezing temperatures, or other kinds of extreme temperatures. as well as no dirt or sunshine. The key here is a cool location without intense heat that is dry and moisture-free. Keep your e-cigarette in case you plan to carry it with you. Additionally, watch out not to let any liquid spills or moisture touch it. If this occurs, be careful to use a cotton swab to thoroughly scrub all contact points including the USB connection. Make sure to use the Q-Tip to saturate all the dirt, fluids, and oils in those crevices and small spaces since they will accumulate there.

5) Avoid Letting Your Vape Battery Go Cold and Too Hot:

It is a well-known fact that technology dislikes the cold. This also applies to your vaporizer! Turn off your vape kit and store it in a safe pouch or pocket while you’re somewhere with low temperatures. Additionally, avoid leaving your vaporizer in a place that is too chilly. This is terrible for the batteries and could harm the e-liquid as well because it can start to degrade or separate at the wrong temperatures.

Additionally, avoid letting your vape become overheated. Avoid leaving the device near a blazing fire or atop a radiator since these conditions could cause just as much, if not more, damage.


The fact is that vapers will always struggle with battery life difficulties. We continually demand more power in our search for higher performance, but batteries have their limits. Make a few adjustments to your vaping style if your battery life is a key concern for you, even if this means temporarily producing less-impressive clouds. The crucial decision is whether you would prefer to emit a reasonable amount of vapor while operating for a significantly longer period, or blast cloud but run out of power halfway through the day. There is no correct or incorrect response, but if you decide to go with the second option, the advice in this article will help you find what you desire.

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