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Benefits of Investing in Ongoing Apartment Projects

Investors who want to set up long-term partnerships with their investments don’t have many better options than investing in ongoing property projects. Due to the steadily increasing demand for residential and commercial space in urban cities, real estate developers are constantly creating new apartment developments. These ongoing property projects offer investors a secure opportunity to diversify their asset portfolios without worrying about the volatility of the stock market or the risk of losing their capital if they hold onto shares for too long. So what makes investing in ongoing property projects such an intelligent investment strategy? Let’s explore the benefits of investing in ongoing apartment projects and discover how you can make your own as well. 

1) Affordability

One of the most significant benefits of investing in ongoing apartment projects is reduced cost. The home will likely be available to you at a significantly lower price than the ready-to-move-in alternative. During the pre launch stages, builders typically provide discounts of 10–15 percent, rewarding those who are willing to make an early investment. Once construction begins, the unit price will rise, increasing your property’s worth. This kind of deal means you can choose a larger and better house without breaking the bank. It makes investments in the project’s early stages a potentially lucrative choice.

2) High ROI

Among the many benefits of buying apartments in the pre-construction phase is the high potential for capital growth. It is common knowledge that unfinished apartments get lower investment prices from buyers than completed ones. When a buyer makes a specific financial commitment and officially records ownership of a property that is still in the process of being built, both the value of the property itself and the surrounding area increase, and several years from now, the property’s worth will be significantly higher, and its investment return will be higher as well.

3) Flexible payment options

The purchase price must be paid within a specific time frame that varies from builder to builder when purchasing a property that is ready for possession. Construction-linked plans, time-linked plans, flexible payment plans, etc., are all available to buyers of a project in its early stages of development. In addition, it is common practice for a buyer to put down 10-20% of the total price when reserving a house that is still in the construction phase, with the balance to be paid in subsequent instalments. To sum up, this means having extra time to tend to one’s financial affairs.

4) Customize it to your liking

It is the primary benefits of investing in ongoing apartment projects. Rooms can be designed in a variety of ways to best suit your needs. The prelaunch period is the best time to make any minor adjustments that are consistent with the overall design and feel of the property. Since construction is still in its infancy, you have plenty of time to plan out your home’s interior design details, such as the colours you want to paint the walls and choose flooring and furniture. It is not easy to make changes to an apartment once you have taken possession of it.

5) New Apartment

If you sign up for a property while it’s still in the construction phase, it will be delivered to you as soon as it’s finished. The new apartment has a clean, modern design that’s very nice to look at. Upgraded conveniences and optimal working circumstances are just two of the many benefits of purchasing a new home. It’s also worth noting that a brand-new apartment will be in better condition and have a longer lifespan than an older residence on the market for sale. One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing apartments in Trivandrum or Kochi that is still in the pre-construction phase is the assurance of moving into a brand-new building.


The government completely supports you now that RERA has been implemented. In the event that your home is not completed by the building company by the agreed-upon deadline, the company must return all of the money you’ve given them, plus interest. It means that under RERA, investors no longer need to worry about the safety of participating in projects that are already underway.


Put simply, investing in ongoing flats for sale in Kerala is a wise financial decision. It’s a high-ROI investment strategy that can help you build a solid portfolio of real estate assets that can be passed on to your descendants for many generations to come. You can benefit from investing in a project at its earliest stages, when it’s less expensive and less risky than later on. RERA is another law that guarantees the safety of your investment. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned one, ongoing apartment projects could be an excellent choice for you.

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