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Consider These Types of Stones When Designing a Patio or Walkway

A beautifully designed and properly placed stone patio or pathway is at the core of any outstanding outdoor living space. The stone you choose for your hardscaping project will help define the look and feel of your outdoor living space. Because each stone has its own personality, it’s advisable to consider your overall design aesthetic while choosing your selection.

To get you started, we as one of the best pergola manufacturers in Delhi compiled a list of 6 fantastic options for your next hardscaping job that we think you’ll enjoy!

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a less expensive alternative to more expensive hardscaping stones. They’re created by pouring cement into molds and forms, giving them a wide range of shapes and colors. Concrete pavers give the appearance of stone and brick without the exorbitant expense.

Concrete pavers are long-lasting and available in a variety of sizes, making them a good choice for homeowners who want something that will last but don’t have the time or money to maintain their stone patio surfaces. They can also be pressed with ornamental patterns or have their surfaces molded to seem like real stone, making them incredibly customizable.


Limestone is a timeless material that has been utilized in architecture for thousands of years all throughout the world. It’s also incredibly adaptable, with a variety of textures, forms, colors, and surface treatments to choose from. It, like bluestone, can be thermally treated to achieve a more uniform surface texture.

The bright colors reflect heat, preventing these stones from becoming too hot in the sun. If you’re frequently barefoot in the summer, they’re a wonderful alternative for hardscaped patios and surrounding pools.


Brick is a classic material that can be used to create an old-fashioned aesthetic evocative of an English garden. They’re usually composed of clay, which gives them a distinctive reddish hue. If you want to go for a more traditional style, these stones are ideal.


Because of their irregular shape, color, and size, fieldstones give off a more rustic vibe. These naturally occurring stones are ideal for laying out stepping-stone pathways in your yard or garden.

Because they aren’t altered much, these stones provide your outdoor living space a more natural aspect. Every design is unique because no two stones are alike. Fieldstones are a low-cost alternative to mortar or other hardscaping materials for creating a walkway.

Thermal Bluestone

The result of a heat blasting operation on bluestone is thermal bluestone. Whereas regular bluestone has a more rough and raw appearance, thermal bluestone is much smoother, with no raised or sunken parts. It gives the stone a more uniform appearance with less differences in the surface texture.

Thermal bluestone has a highly clean appearance and a constant texture throughout your design. When purchased in a lighter hue, the stone’s non-slip surface from the heat treatment process makes it an ideal choice for pool areas. The regular thickness and cuts make it much easier for hardscape landscapers to install.

Because the heating process is expensive, these stones are pricier.


While bluestone is noted for its lovely blue-gray tints, it also comes in a variety of green and red tones. Each stone has a different surface roughness with different thicknesses and colors. It is a popular choice for patios and walks due to its exquisite appearance.

Bluestone may be carved into a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you great control over the look of your patio. It’s also available in a freeform or “broken” style, which gives it a more natural appearance comparable to fieldstone. It’s ideal for homes in colder climates because it doesn’t freeze.

Be it patio umbrella or patio roof, beautiful things always catches the attention.

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