Here Are Some Romantic Womens Gifts

Romantic Womens Gifts

Women deserve something special when it comes to romantic womens gifts. Get her a gift that shows her that she is the only one for you and that her face is all that you can think about. With that in mind, we have some ideas as to what some romantic womens gifts are. If you are looking for a funny yet totally personal one, that would be the custom bobbleheads.

A custom bobblehead might not be something that you have in mind, but we assure you that it’s something interesting that you should consider when you are thinking about gift buying. Not only is it personalized in the aspect that it’s her head that is on the custom bobblehead.

There are a number of bodies that you can have her head placed on. If you really want to wow her with one of the best romantic womens gifts, then you can do a custom bobblehead of a couple and have your head be on the male body. Hers would be on the female body. When you do that, you can make an impression that says not only are you thoughtful, but that you have a funny side to you as well.

Now, when ordering yours, you must include a photograph of the head or heads in some cases that will be on the bodies. This photo should be three actually and they should be of three different angles so they can be sure to hit all those features that make that beauty of yours the beauty that she is.

On top of the pictures that you must include when you order your custom bobblehead, you then need to make sure that you help them in another ways. The first of which is that you can tell them which hair color they need to have.

The next thing that you need to include is the eye color. Sometimes, with pictures it’s hard to tell. Other times, they might wear contacts. Other times, they might wish they had some sort of eye color. Be sure to indicate to the professionals what color eyes you want.

Last, but not least, you need to tell them the skin tone. Again, it’s hard to tell the exact tone when you send a picture. If you want it to look like how you imagined it to look like; if you want it to look just like her, then be sure to choose this.

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