Hero Vida V1: Overview

The Indian EV market has witnessed an impressive surge over the past few months, due to which several automotive manufacturers have made a foray into this segment. Hero has also come up with its electric two-wheeler brand, named VIDA, and its first electric scooter/bike is VIDA V1. Two variants of this scooter are VIDA V1 plus and VIDA V1 pro. This EV two-wheeler is available in white, orange, and red colours.

These Hero VIDA bikes are equipped with a swappable battery feature, keyless ignition, and cruise control facility. The swappable battery feature gives ease to charge one battery at the same time while riding the bike on another battery. The keyless ignition feature gives you full control through a mobile phone and keeps you away from the hassle of holding keys. Speaking of convenience, the VIDA V1 boasts a cruise control feature through which you can set a preferred speed and let the scooter move at that uniform speed so that you can give a rest to your arms (though this feature is suitable on congestion-free roads). The low-mounted LED headlamp gives it an aggressive look.

Key Features

Moreover, the VIDA V1 offers a seven-inch TFT touchscreen display and software to sync your phone, which helps you receive calls/SMS alerts and set the anti-theft alarm. Apart from that, music control, geo-fencing, charging station locator, and navigation control accessibility are also part of the Vida V1’s features.
In terms of storage capacity, it has a total boot space of 26 litres and it incorporates two storage compartments. Further, this EV bike has split seats.

The normal battery charging time for the vehicle is 6-7 hours but with the Hero Vida V1 fast charging facility, it can replenish the battery from 0 to 80% within 65 minutes (approximately). The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is 3.94kWh for Hero V1 Pro and 3.44kWh for the Plus variant. In full charge, the Plus and Pro variants can be ridden for 143 km and 165 km, respectively. The batteries of both variants come with a warranty of 3 years or 30000 km, depending upon which condition meets first. The waterproof rating of the battery is IP67. That means if the vehicle’s battery remains submerged at a depth of one meter for thirty minutes, it should not have any negative effects. This rating also ensures complete protection of the battery against dust, accidental contacts, spraying or splashing of water, and pressurized water jets.


As for the Vida V1 specifications, the top speed of the vehicle is estimated at 80 Km/h. Yes, it is not much since it is meant for city riding. In addition, this home-grown two-wheeler EV has an automatic transmission that gives you the ease of changing the gears in heavy traffic.
The Hero Vida V1 also has the ability to climb a slope of 20 degrees, which is impressive yet useful when riding on the foothills. The maximum power generated by V1 bikes is 6000W, whereas, the rated power is 3900W. The V1 Plus has three riding modes, which are Eco, Ride, and Sports, and the V1 Pro has an additional custom mode that can be set by the rider. It provides a strong acceleration of 20 to 50 Km/h in Sports Mode. Plus variant accelerates from 0 to 40 km in 3.4 seconds, while the Pro variant does the same in just 3.2 seconds!

Suspensions & Brakes

Moreover, the VIDA V1 gets a front disc brake, a rear drum brake, and alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. The 12-inch wheel with MRF tyres keeps enough grip on dry roads, as claimed by the company. It has a front telescopic fork and a single shock absorber at the rear, making the setup well-tuned for Indian roads.
Furthermore, it comes with parking assistance, emergency alert, follow-me headlamp, track my bike, and SOS features, to name a few. Parking assistance helps you identify obstacles while parking and guides you to park safely. The shielded SOS button on the handlebar sends a message to your mobile app in case of an emergency. It has all LED lighting, from the headlight to the turn-signal light to the tail light.

About the price

Let’s now look at the Vida V1 price. As mentioned above, this scooter comes in two variants. The ex-showroom price of the V1 Plus variant is Rs. 1.28 lakh and Rs. 1.39 lakh for the V1 Pro. There is a price difference between the two variants as the Plus variant with the extra range demands a premium. The V1 Plus has a riding range of 143 km, whereas, the V1 Pro has a riding range of 165km.
The Vida V1 on-road price is 1.34 lakh and 1.46 lakhs for the Plus and Pro variants, respectively. Please note that these are indicative figures as they may vary from dealer to dealer across the states.

The pricing of these electric two-wheelers is lower than a few competitors like the TVS iQube and the Bajaj Chetak. Which fall in the same price range as the Ather 450X but are more expensive than the Ola S1’s price. In addition, you can access the latest location-based pricelist for your dream vehicle on the autoX website.

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