How To Explore The City Beautiful-Chandigarh?

How to explore the City Beautiful-Chandigarh? If you are someone planning to visit Chandigarh-known for its greenery and organized structure, we can bet on this that you will have the best time. Additionally, the city is also lauded for being the cleanest and has maintained its consistency for a very long time. According to a plethora of surveys, it has been stated that whosoever comes to Chandigarh-the majority are seen giving positive reviews about the city. Thus it makes sense to come to the place once if you are yet to.

Chandigarh is not only visited by people surrounding the city but also from distant parts of India along with the world, thanks to a host of places to view around. Stopping by at Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, the Rock Garden, and so on is a must for whosoever coming to the city. Plus, you also have the privilege to go to the different markets for shopping at budget-friendly prices. And don’t worry about food options; there are numerous restaurants, eateries, and hotels available where you can relish the meal of your choice.

How To Reach Chandigarh?

Is the plan to come to the city beautiful just on the cards? However, wondering about the best ways to reach and also to explore Chandigarh. Well, you can reach the city by different means. You are empowered to come by your own car or can even hire one. Additionally, the airport is only a few kilometers away from the city.

Apart from the above means, you can also come by train or bus. If you choose the latter method, it is for your information that sectors 17 and 43 Bus stand Chandigarh are two main junctions where the bus halts and embark on their journey. Thankfully, many cities are connected by trains and buses with Chandigarh.

How To Get Around Chandigarh

Exploring Chandigarh is never a hassle, all thanks to the magnificent public transportation. Within your budget, you are leveraged to commute to different places.

By Bus

Chandigarh transport undertaking abbreviated CTU has taken the onus of providing bus facilities in the city. The agency also covers the nearby towns in the shape of Panchkula and Mohali. There are several buses that ply to these places.

And as already stated before, the two main bus terminals are Sector 43 and Sector 17. You will find regular buses easily that commute within the city at a price that won’t ask you to expend an arm and leg. Additionally, the service is available from morning 6 till 10 at night.

Generally, the buses do not run up to their full capacities and you are likely to get a seat. All thanks to the high frequency of vehicles plying. However, try avoiding travel during peak hours, especially during office timings.

The bus rides are pretty comfortable and you will relish hassle-free services. Additionally, the staff of CTU is quite cooperative and talks in a friendly manner. If you have any queries regarding the travel, you may simply ask them. They will not leave a stone unturned to assist you in all the possible ways.

It is also imperative to highlight here that of late the Chandigarh transportation department has started the initiative of bringing Air conditioned buses and that too in electric mode. Yes, the rising population and pollution in the city are the two possible reasons for this move. Not only these will give you a pleasant experience by traveling in these comfy AC buses but are also environment-friendly. It is likely that you will see many more electric buses in the coming time.

The city also boasts about the easy availability of several double-decker buses. These buses give the privilege of exploring the different parts of the city to the tourists. Be it Punjab University, Sukhna Lake, or Rock Garden, the CTU transportation gets you covered. The ineffable side is that the same ticket can be utilized by the person multiple times on that particular day. You won’t have to spend time and again commuting to different places within the city.

Auto Rickshaws

If the concept of the bus is not your cup of tea, you are also empowered to hire an auto-rickshaw. Their numbers are quite high in the city and you will get them easily. Take them anywhere you want within the city and you will be thoroughly assisted. And just in case the price doesn’t suit, you are always leveraged to negotiate a bit.

Make Use of A Taxi

Scouting for the most convenient method to explore the city’s beauty? Well, the modality of hiring a taxi gets you covered. All you need to do is call on the customer care number, and the driver will be sent to your doorstep. Within your budget, you can cover every nook and corner of Chandigarh.

The best part of these taxis is that almost all of them are GPS enabled. So, if you are a woman traveling at night, there is no need to worry. You are quite safe in these cars. Also, these cabs have a complaint book wherein you can post a suggestion or give a review.

What’s more, several service providers including the likes of Ola, Uber, and InDriver-for instance also bestow their elite services. You can simply book them through a mobile app and the driver will be available to pick you up within a few minutes.

By Renting A Cycle

You will be thrilled to know that renting a cycle is possible in the city. By just paying a meager amount of Rs 10, you can avail the services. More good news for you: if you are a member, you just need to pay 5 Rs to rent a cycle. Already so many individuals have employed this simple hack!

To Wrap Up

The above were some feasible ways to explore Chandigarh. And if you intend to know more about the City beautiful in detail, simply visit the site WOW Chandigarh. Rest assured, you will get the thorough information that you want to receive.

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