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Addiction is not a character flaw, moral failing, or a sign of weakness. Millions of people of different ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels are impacted by this widespread condition. Although there is no single cause of addiction, there is still hope because it can be effectively treated. As the brain undergoes a sequence of changes—starting with the awareness of pleasure and concluding with a drive toward compulsive behavior—addiction is driven by a loss of control over the use of a substance. Each year, millions of people in America are impacted by addiction. Only one in ten Americans, according to estimates, will obtain treatment for a substance use issue at some point in their lives. Anyone can acquire a substance use problem or a behavioural addiction; there is no single factor that causes someone to become hooked.

Addiction may have a terrible impact on people, families, and society. Over 35 billion dollars are spent by the government each year, and over 700,000 lives have been lost in only the last 20 years. Knowing the facts about drug and alcohol usage, the types of addiction therapy that are available, and how to get oneself or a loved one into treatment can help save lives.

While some signs of alcohol and drug misuse are obvious and can be detected at an very early stage, others might not mostly be as obvious, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. When someone hides their drinking and drug use issues, warning indicators might occasionally for the most part go overlooked, very contrary to popular belief. Many people may downplay or even definitely deny that they even have an issue with alcohol and drug usage because of the stigma and for all intents and purposes bad connotations attached to it. It may be challenging for close friends and family to plan an intervention in these situations and secure the proper care for their loved one in a big way. Your work, health, and relationships with family and friends can all for the most part be ruined by drinking and using drugs. Alcohol and drug addiction programs are made available even if it could definitely seem like there generally is no end in sight whatsoever. Abuse of alcohol and other substances is a treatable disorder that can specifically be beaten with the aid of medical experts. 

Having said that, treatment for people with substance use disorders is a passion at Hope Harbor Wellness Hiram Ga. They make sure to give the clients the most amount of support as they recuperate through the program’s individual therapy, group therapy, medical services, case management services, holistic treatments, and aftercare components. They offer three different types of care: outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalisation. 

At the drug and alcohol rehab facility, the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at Hope Harbor Wellness is the most intensive outpatient treatment option. This is a short-term, intensive, all-encompassing therapy plan with a focus on managing acute symptoms. Thanks to such an organised rehab programme which is offered five days a week, the patients receive the help they need to manage daily life here. They have a step-down programme called the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) from their Partial Hospitalization Program. The time commitment needed to attend drug and alcohol treatment services diminishes as you or a loved one advances in recovery. Intensive therapy is offered by this rehabilitation programme 3 to 5 days per week, depending on the particular requirements of the patient. The Hope Harbor Wellness Outpatient Program (OP) offers ongoing support at the most basic level of care. Prior to enrolling in the outpatient programme, patients must have finished either the intensive outpatient programme (IOP) or the partial hospitalisation programme (PHP) (IOP).

Despite the fact that addiction rates are rising, everyone can get assistance. At Hope Harbor Wellness, the rehab center in Hiram, Georgia strives to offer the help for drug abuse, alcoholism, behavioural addiction, and assistance to the available treatment choices. 

You must seek assistance if you are managing a substance use disorder. It’s normal to experience fear or intimidation. But keep in mind that treatment is designed to aid in your long-term rehabilitation. You can start by speaking to a doctor, therapist, counsellor at Hope Harbor Wellness and get the assistance or further information if you’re thinking about treatment as a rehabilitation option.

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