KTM 125 Duke vs. KTM RC 125 Bikes Comparison

Confused about KTM 125 Duke and RC 125? Do you have second thoughts about purchasing the KTM Duke 125 or KTM RC 125 with your hard-earned money? Don’t Stress! We are available to assist you in selecting between these two variants. The STD version of the 125 Duke price is Rs 2.10 Lakh, while the STD version of the RC 125 price is Rs 2.10 lakh.

When comparing the two models technically, the RC 125 has much more grunt thanks to the better tuning of the 124cc engine. While it has the same engine, Duke 125 has a lower power curve thanks to the relaxed tuning, however the bikes are mostly the same. See below for a thorough comparison of the two models.

Due to the collaboration between the well-known Indian bike maker Bajaj and the Austrian brand KTM, KTM bikes represent some of the top options in the two-wheeler market in the price bracket. Here, we’ll contrast the KTM 125 Duke and KTM RC 125, two well-liked KTM motorcycles. The following list of factors is pertinent to both bikes:

Key features of KTM Duke 125 and KTM RC 125

After making larger capacity twins in India for a while, KTM finally introduced the Duke 125 and RC125 in India
Both motorcycles offer a more affordable way to join the KTM family. While KTM Duke 125 is available in orange and white, KTM RC 125 is available in an assortment of colours, including orange & white and Dark Galvano.
Despite having smaller engines, they both provide some incredibly opulent features that have never been seen in the 125cc market, such as a six-speed transmission, liquid cooling, and a 43mm upside-down WP suspension.
Both use the same 125cc engine, which produces 14.3bhp of maximum power and 12Nm of maximum torque at the following RPMs (9250 & 8000, respectively).

Duke 125 vs. RC125

They use the same fundamental platform but have different specifications.
● Seat Height – The Duke was higher than the KTM RC 125 by 818 mm, so you’ll be sitting much higher (835 mm).
● Wheelbase: The Duke has a 1366-mm wheelbase, while the RC’s is 1341-mm shorter.
● Fuel Tank: The Duke has a 10.2-litre fuel capacity, compared to the RC’s 9.5 litres.
● Dry Weight – Duke weighs 148 kg when unclothed, while the RC hits the scales at 154.2 kg thanks to all that extra fairing.
Aside from this, they are different in size, and RC has a much more devoted seating position, whilst Duke may employ a wider range of applications due to a more upright position. Duke comes with a handlebar similar to a standard rod, but RC has a triple clamp clip-on.

Prices for the Duke 125 and the RC 125

The KTM RC 125 costs Rs 1.59 lakhs, therefore you would need to invest an additional Rs 17,000 to acquire the added sportiness just on the ex-showroom tag. And the 125 Duke price is Rs 1.78 (Both prices ex-showroom).
The 125 Duke did an outstanding job of exposing new enthusiasts to the KTM name by providing a useful learning tool that could also serve as a respectable city bike.


KTM expects the RC 125 to perform similarly to the Duke 125, which has been one of the company’s best-selling motorcycles. Both motorcycles are marketed toward younger consumers and are ideal for university students who want to possess a trendy bike with a sporty appearance. It will be simple to choose a bike depending on your demands now that you are aware of the characteristics you would like to find and exactly what to assume from it. To know more about them, make sure to head over to autoX.

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