Most Expensive Stocks in India: Why Invest in Them?

Investing can be a risky business, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding one—especially if you play your cards right. So open demat account online and start investing in shares. Regarding stocks in India, some stand out as the most expensive ones for a good reason. Investing in these stocks isn’t just about throwing money around—it’s about making intelligent decisions that will keep your finances secure. Let’s dig into some of the most expensive stocks in India.


Madras Rubber Factory, or MRF Tyres, is an international conglomerate and India’s largest tyre producer. Its administrative headquarters may be found in Chennai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. MRF primarily produces tyres for automobiles. Funskool’, a well-known toy brand, is produced by MRF in addition to paints and sports equipment. K.M. Mammen Mappillai founded MRF in his garden shed in Madras, India. Unless the corporation agrees to split the shares, the price per share is expected to rise. They are the priciest stocks in India right now.

Page Industries Ltd

It is likely that you are familiar with JOCKEY, a leading international brand of inner wear and swimwear. Throughout India, Nepal, Bangladesh, the UAE, and Sri Lanka, Page Industries holds the licence for manufacturing and marketing Jockey products. The company also holds a licence to manufacture and market Speedo International products, which are available in India. Due to their growth and premium service, their shares are among the most expensive in the country.

Shree Cements

Manufacturing cement is what Shree Cements does best. Shree Cement Ltd. is the preeminent cement manufacturer in the northern part of India. In 1979, it became an official company. Its product line-up includes such well-known names as Shree Jung Rodhak, Bangur Cement, and Rockstrong Cement. Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak Cement, Bangur Cement, and Tuff Cemento are the three brand names under which the company sells its wares. Production of cement and electricity are two more areas of focus for the company.


The 3M firm from the United States formed 3M India in 1987 in India and currently owns 75% of the company. Among the several markets served by 3M India Limited, you’ll find those of industry, packaging, healthcare, safety, graphics, and consumers. Its well-known brands include Scotch Tape, Scotch Brite, and other adhesives and lubricants.

Honeywell Automation

United States-based Honeywell’s automation division, Honeywell Automation, has been a frontrunner in the industry since its 1984 founding, providing both hardware and software solutions for industrial automation. The primary goal of these products and services is to make buildings like houses and businesses safer and more secure. It also offers engineering services to customers all over the world and sells items related to environmental and combustion controls. The stock is selling at a premium because of the company’s solid financials, solid pedigree, and asset-light business model.

Abbott India Limited

Abbott India Limited is a pharmaceutical and drug firm with headquarters in Mumbai. It is a publicly traded subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories, and it takes great satisfaction in providing high-quality, trustworthy medicines across a variety of therapeutic areas, including but not limited to women’s health, gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular health, metabolic disorders, and primary care.

Nestle India

If you’re looking for the most valuable food processing business on this list of India’s priciest stocks, look no further than Nestle India. Many well-known brands can be found within Nestle’s offerings. Nestlé, a Swiss multinational conglomerate, has a branch in India. The corporation first entered the Indian market in the early 20th century, but it didn’t establish a manufacturing facility there until 1961. The stock’s resilience throughout the COVID-19 outbreak is indicative of its solid foundation.

Why should an investor invest in them?

There are many reasons why investors might choose to invest in the most expensive stocks in India. For one, these stocks tend to be associated with large, well-established companies with a proven track record of success. Additionally, these stocks often offer high dividend yields, which can provide investors with a steady income stream. Moreover, since institutional investors usually buy these stocks, they tend to be less volatile than other stocks and offer excellent stability and upside potential.


Investing in the most expensive stocks in India can be a great way to increase your wealth and build a strong portfolio for yourself. The potential returns from investing in these stocks are higher than average, and the added risk is mitigated by diversifying your investments across multiple companies. However, before investing, it’s essential to understand the fundamental factors that drive stock prices so you can make an informed decision on which ones you should invest in. Investing in Nifty 50 companies like coal india, ITC share price etc, you will be getting a great chance to accumulate enormous wealth in the long run with minimum risk. If you have an appetite for risk and want to add more momentum to your wealth creation journey, then investing in some of India’s most expensive stocks may be just what you need.


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