Protect Yourself Against The Covid By Using Disposable Face Mask

The coronavirus disease disrupted activities all over the world when it hit in 2020. The infectious pandemic led to so many hospitalizations and even more deaths.

When an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks, sings, or breathes, the virus can spread in microscopic liquid particles from their mouth or nose. These particles range in size from big respiratory droplets to tiny aerosols.
If you are near someone who has COVID-19, you can be infected by breathing in the virus or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. The virus is more easily transmitted indoors and in crowded places.

The corona virus disease can be prevented by practicing good hygiene:


WHO has advised that you wash your hands regularly with soap and water. You’re also advised to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer regularly throughout the day. This is to kill whatever bacteria might have been transferred onto your hands from other people or surfaces you touch.

Wearing disposable face masks: Health organizations have stated that wearing a face mask while practicing good personal hygiene and avoiding crowded places, can help prevent the spread of the disease. Disposable masks are preferable to cloth masks because these masks should be disposed of and changed regularly to prevent infection.

Covid 19 vaccine

The vaccine has become available in most countries and is proven to protect against the disease.

It is advisable to always wear your disposable face masks to protect you from the virus even if you have taken the covid 19 vaccine. These disposable face masks are of various types – the kids’ disposable masks, the disposable surgical masks, the three-layer masks, n95 disposable masks, and so many others.

A face mask can be worn for long hours of the day, depending on your daily schedule, so it is important that you pick one that allows you maximum comfort.

Kids kn95 face mask

This disposable mask is made specifically for is foldable, with ear loops, and has an adjustable nose bridge to ensure a perfect fit for every child. Children are always active, and their masks can tend to shift or even fall off if the fit is not right.

N95 respirator face mask

This model is a standard disposable mask that fits most adults. It is a 5-layer design designed for the utmost protection of the wearer. It is adjustable and has ear loops also to ensure a snug fit. It is latex-free, blocks airborne bacteria, and is free from any materials that could irritate the skin and cause allergies.

ASTM level 3 medical procedure mask

This is another adult mask with a pleated three-layer design. It is latex-free, soft-lined, and water-resistant, providing comfort round the clock. It has an adjustable nose piece to enable the wearer to customize their fit and elastic earloops that offer extra comfort.

Non-medical masks are intended for usage by the general population or in non-healthcare settings. They should be worn when there is minimal danger of exposure when you are not at a healthcare facility or when social distancing is difficult.

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