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The Best Italian Champagnes for a Successful Party

Do you have an upcoming champagne party? Want to make sure that everyone has a great time, but not at the expense of your bank account? The best champagne comes from Italy, but you’re going to want to choose carefully if you want your celebrations to be successful – there are many types of Italian champagnes out there, and only some of them are worth your money. 

What are the Must-Have Features of an Ideal Champagne?

When it comes to hosting a successful party, champagne is always a good idea. But not just any will do – you want the best of the best. Here are a few features to look for:

  • Light and Dry

A bottle of lighter champagne can be consumed all night long without getting sick of it, while a heavier one may leave your guests feeling bloated. 

  • Sweet and Fruity

One of the major qualities that make booze special is its fruitiness, so a sweet wine would be a great choice. 

  • Slightly Sparkling

All booze is sparkling, but some have more bubbles than others – you’ll need something on the light side if your event isn’t going to be too formal. 

  • Goes well with food

Food brings people together so make sure your wine goes well with whatever they might eat! You don’t want to be stuck serving two different wines.

  • Tastes great after aging

If you’re able to wait, then pick up a bottle that has been aged between five and ten years (a year or two before the date listed on the label). The waiting time allows the flavor to develop even more beautifully over time. 

  • Rich yet elegant

While many people think of this as a festive drink, there are also many varieties meant for other occasions such as weddings or New Year’s Eve parties which have an elegance about them that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing your favorite bottle. 

  • Non-sweet and dry

For those who like its taste but prefer to avoid sugar, this is the perfect option. 

  • Semi-dry or medium-dry

You’ll find a lot of variety when it comes to how dry your wine should be – this depends largely on what type of celebration you’re planning. 

  • Slight sweetness

This gives it just enough flavor for those who enjoy their bubbly on the sweeter side. 

  • High acidity level 

This gets its distinct taste from high acid levels, so keep this in mind when selecting your bottle! 

Seven Ideal Options for a Good Italy Champagne

When it comes to choosing a good drink for your party, you have many options. Here are some of the best:

  • Roederer Estate Brut 

Roederer Estate Brut 

Delicious and refreshing, this wine has notes of honey and nutmeg with fresh lemon zest. It’s made from grapes grown in California and Mendocino County. The 2010 vintage is one of the finest in recent years with flavors that remain intact on the palate 

  • Monte Bello Blanc de Blancs 

This offers delicate aromas with crisp flavors – perfect for your Valentine’s Day party! 

  • Freixenet Cordon Negro Reserva brut 

Named after Spain’s cordon grape which is also known as tempranillo, this sparkling red wine will add a festive feel to any occasion! 

  • Joseph Perrier Cuvee Reserve Brut

This bubbly favorite was introduced by Joseph Perrier in 1811 and still remains one of the most celebrated ones available today. Its bright golden color is captivating while its rich fruity flavor complements any dish or dessert


  • Mumm Napa Valley Nectarine Sparkling Wine 

This delicious white wine is light and bubbly, with hints of nectarines. It pairs well with just about anything from chocolate cake to grilled steak. 

  • Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label 

This style of wine dates back to 1841 when Jean-Remy Veuve founded his namesake winery. A true classic, the Yellow Label is great at any celebration, particularly because it can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways – either chilled or served warm over ice cream 

  • Royal Cosmo Radler Riesling 

This beverage combines two different worlds- drinking beer but without the alcohol content? Yes, please! If you’re looking for something light but flavorful then this might be the drink for you There’s no doubt that Italian champagne is some of the best in the world. If you’re looking to make your next party a success, consider serving one of these delicious champagnes. Your guests will be impressed and you’ll be able to enjoy the party knowing that you’ve provided them with the best possible bubbly. So, to have the best booze available in the market, have a look here.

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