The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a curriculum recognised in schools all over the world that fosters students’ overall development and open-mindedness. It provides standardised courses that students study in their last two years of high school before entering college. Students who complete the curriculum satisfactorily and ace the tests are given the prestigious IB Diploma. You can gain admission to some of the greatest universities in the world with this qualification.

There are a few things you should be aware of as an IB student to get prepared for the programme. You ought to have a plan in place because it can be overwhelming. The following are the top 10 things to do before starting the IB course.


You have time to decide the subjects you want to study before you begin your IB programme. Make the most of your time by focusing on topics that will play to your strengths. But if you intend to select a subject that is necessary for your desired university course, then allow yourself additional time to better comprehend the course of study and to get ready for it by doing online research or reading resources connected to the subject.


One of the important things to do before starting the IB course is to strengthen your English language. It’s crucial to improve your writing abilities because most of the subjects would be in English and you would need to write a lot. In case English is not your first language, reading English publications, watching English films, and speaking to your peers as much as you can in English will all help you achieve your goal. Additionally, as you must study language B, it is crucial to improve your language B proficiency. Again, you can achieve the same results by reading and watching media in that language. Language B will always be distinct from your mother tongue. The language that your school wants you to study with them will depend on your location.


It is ideal to spend some time learning more about the IB diploma subjects that are taught in the programme by conducting some research. Spend extra time at the library reading about subjects you haven’t understood properly to help you better understand the ideas. Reading about the subject in books and articles, listening to podcasts, and viewing internet videos are all examples of conducting research.


Spend some time understanding the syllabus as you conduct your research. Every subject area in the curriculum has goals and a syllabus outlining how students might accomplish these goals. Knowing all the classes or training sessions you must attend, the books and journals you must read, and the research projects you must do will be made easier if you understand the syllabus. You will be adequately prepared to take and pass the IB examinations if you do this.


As one of the three fundamental components of the IB, community service is required, so you will need to participate in extracurricular activities. Since CAS emphasises work completed outside of the classroom, it’s crucial to research possible possibilities for your IB CAS project. One of the three mandatory components of the Diploma Programme that every student must complete is creativity, activity, and service (CAS).


You need someone who is not just patient, flexible, and skilled but also educated about the course content. A competent instructor will be aware of your needs and know how to support you in achieving them. Professional instructors from IB coaching classes in Dubai are fully equipped to ensure that students have an effective understanding of the IB subjects. Additionally, online tutoring in Dubai is affordable, successful, and may help you learn on your own.


The IB Diploma has a broad curriculum that includes mathematics, languages, sciences, and the humanities. You must read widely in order to gain current knowledge and adequately prepare for the exams. IB is a globally focused programme, so reading worldwide texts is essential to keep up with current events. As you progress through the curriculum, continue to update your notes that you started early.


Schedule one-on-one discussions with your teachers or IB tutoring in Dubai to go over areas of difficulty or potential for academic advancement. This will not only show that you are passionate about the subject and motivated to pursue your education on your own, which could be helpful when it comes time to provide references, but it will also guarantee that you solve any issues as soon as they come up.


You must be balanced and organised in order to succeed in IB. This entails creating a schedule for yourself that divides your time between studying and other pursuits. Try to stick to your schedule and keep a healthy balance. 


Don’t wait until the middle of the semester to begin revising your notes when you have a pile of material. Making summary notes for each lesson to make the preparation process easier is the most efficient strategy to be ready for your examinations. Make sure to read through the course rubrics to become familiar with what the examiners are looking for. This will enable you to remember key details as you revise. When it comes time to take your IB Diploma exams, constantly studying will help you avoid a lot of time and stress.

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