TVS Star City Plus – The perfect commuter motorcycle in India

The TVS Star City was first introduced to the Indian market way back in 2005. The bike has been renowned for its sturdiness, reliability and its rugged build. The Star City has been through a multitude of upgrades over more than a decade, helping it stay fresh amidst its rivalry. We delve into the details.

A fresh look

Earlier this year, TVS Bikes gave the Star City an update, which looked mildly different from the bike it replaced. The TVS Star City Plus sports alloy wheels, a black finish on its engine, wheels and exhaust pipe. When it comes to the instrument cluster, the TVS Star City Plus gets a legible speedometer, economy and power mode indicators and a digital fuel gauge. The control levers are comfortable to use with lots of switchgear, nicely done paintwork, good quality palm grips and mirrors that are of acceptable quality. By and large, although it does come across as a commuter bike, it manages to look quite stylish and easy on the eye. At the rear, the tail lamp is neatly incorporated.

Adequate pep

Coming to the business end of things, TVS Bikes has given the Star City Plus a BS6-compliant 109.7cc, 4-stroke, twin-valve, air-cooled engine with a vertically off-set single cylinder. The engine rocker arms are placed between the head in order to limit friction and improve fuel efficiency. The piston gets an anti-friction coating, and a silent cam-chain drives the valve train. Even induction has been enhanced, meaning you get a bigger capacity air-filter and the brand has also tuned the exhaust system. The bike features an intelligent ignition system, while the spark plug has been updated to enhance combustion. The TVS Star City Plus develops 7bhp and 8.7Nm of torque. The exhaust note sounds quite good, and although performance is nothing to write home about in this class of motorcycle, throttle response is slick; the bike is refined and it can manage a top speed of 90kph. The clutch is nice and light and the 4-speed transmission shifts smoothly, in a four-up pattern. Customers can also opt for an electric starter, but the standard model comes with a kick-starter.

We were quite happy to note that the riding posture is nice and comfortable, and you sit with your back in an upright position. The saddle is padded for both, the pillion and rider. And at 109kgs, it’s a very light motorcycle, meaning riding in the urban jungle will never be an issue.

A Star in the City?

Holding the entire bike intact is a single cradle tubular steel frame, along with a box-section swingarm. Up-front, the motorcycle features telescopic forks and twin 5-way adjustable hydraulic shock-absorbers at the back. It gets 17-inch wheels for the front and rear. The City Plus rides over bumps quite well, and the steering being of the neutral kind, the bike feels stable as well. So you get to corner without breaking into a sweat. The tyres get a new tread pattern, which really helps when it comes to the grip. The Star City gets a 130mm drum brake up-front and 110mm drum brake at the back. There is also a disc brake variant available, unlike the previous models. For what is a light commuter bike, the brakes offer good bite. It is hard to nitpick with this one, for it definitely offers you the bang for your buck. The bike also features an LED headlight and is sold in a red and black theme, while the drum brake variant comes in five various colours. The disc brake variant sells at a price of 70,000 rupees (on-road). Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming bikes, only at autoX.

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