Why Garmin GPS Over Smartphones Is Good For Driving Directions?

The Advantages of a Garmin GPS Over a Smartphone

Should I use smartphones or GPS devices in my car- this is a very common question we often get to hear nowadays. Often people do not like the idea of buying a GPS device because they have maps on their smartphones that they can use while driving. When you go through this blog, you will understand that your smartphone is not as good as your Garmin GPS.

Garmin GPS
Garmin GPS

Now, why GPS devices? These highly-functional devices not only help individuals but also different businesses to have easier communications with vehicles dispatched from a central place. The GPS can send and receive real-time alerts and messages, which is faster and more reliable than making phone calls. It also helps better security for the drivers because they do not use phones while driving. Read on to know more in detail about how a   Garmin GPS can help you the most.

The Advantages of a Garmin GPS Over a Smartphone

Here are some of the benefits you can have by adding Garmin GPS to your vehicle.

Battery Life

If you are using smartphones in your cars, you will have to recharge them from time to time. If you forget to recharge them, you may not be able to use them when you need them the most. Even the latest smartphones do not have long gaps between the two charges. You can connect a GPS with the cable to your vehicle, and it is ready for use.

More coverage

You cannot rely on cell phone service anywhere you go. If you are planning for a long road trip, there are chances that you will drive through one or two such places where you cannot get a cell phone connection. If you are unable to get the tower, you cannot get the road direction and may land up in trouble. But this will not happen if you use a GPS device. With a Garmin GPS device, you will get preloaded map coverage. So, there is no need to rely on cell signals. With a GPS device, you can even travel through the remotest areas.

Minimal distractions

While driving, getting notifications and message alerts on your smartphones will keep coming. Even if you keep your phone in vibrator mode, you are sure to get distracted every time something is sent to your phone. Every time you get some notification or message, you get distracted. But, with a Garmin GPS on your phone, you are sure to have fewer distractions, and you can focus on driving.

Easier to read

Some models of Garmin GPS have a widescreen, which makes it easier for the drivers to reach whatever comes on the screen. The GPS comes with a high-resolution touchscreen and graphics, which makes the instructions and images more legible compared to smartphones.

Designed particularly for your car

A GPS is an extension of a car. It is a seamless accessory to a car for a better driving experience. When you use the phone, you have to keep it in a holder and keep your charger ready on the go. A Garmin GPS comes with everything it needs to be installed on a car.

Data privacy

Your data privacy is maintained on the Garmin GPS. It means your location data and travel history will not be available to anyone other than you.


If you do not have unlimited data usage, it will be a costly mistake to use your smartphone to navigate the road trip. Garmin GPS is a one-time purchase. You are investing on the day of purchase and it will meet all your navigational requirements. The device will have map updates without any extra charge. You can locate road changes, the opening, and closing of new businesses, and the latest road maps on your GPS device.


Whether you want to experience a superior driving experience or make more money as a business owner, with Garmin GPS, it is easy to avoid road dividers, traffic jams, and other problems on the way and reach your destination faster. An efficient GPS is helpful for logistics and transportation companies to track vehicles and ensure uninterrupted communication between the dispatch team and the main office.

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